Water tank Leakage cause Spoils the Decor, Thus Helps in The Growth of the Harmful bacteria such as Algae,Fungus,Etc Which leads to the various diseases . So it Requires a Quick and instant Solution For the Tank Leakage problem.

We provide a safe and Hygiene Waterproofing Solutions for over head and underground water tanks. To waterproof the water tank from inside, we recommend using Food Grade Polymerized Cemented Waterproof coating for Underground Tank. They are completely safe to use with drinking water also. If you constructing a Water tank in your New house OR building we would recommend to follow the according to the standards as shown in picture below.

Water Tank Waterproofing

Zem Chemicals has rich industry experience and knowledge, we are offering best waterproofing solution for Underground and Overhead Tank Waterproofing Service. This service includes internal waterproofing of tanks in different industrial, residential or commercial places.

Our professionals are trained in executing this waterproofing application within given time period with perfection. We also provide you waterproofing kit with the complete application instruction and dedicated supervisor for your assistance remotely.

Water Tank Leakage Waterproofing Application Procedure is very simple, we do cleaning the tank, make it dry, then we apply 2 coats (with the space of drying the first base coat) of TCL-95 tank waterproofing with black sulfur cement.

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