Roof Cooling Paint

ZEM-30 Heat Shield is a Water based ready to use compose, High Solids with Hybrid Roof Cooling Paint. Zem-30 Heat Shield contains nano insulation pigment for reflection which is the best pigment in the world now for protecting the surface from Heat.

This Roof Cooling Paint also contains very strong adhesion enhancer and UV protectors which is preventing the coating from UV degradation, excellent reflection with longer service life.

Zem-30 Heat Shield can be applied on any types of surface like R.C.C (flat/slope), Tiled, Galvanized Iron sheet, Asbestos sheet, Slabs Roof, Side walls, Exterior Elevation etc.

Key Differences

Normally Heat Proof coating contains only reflective pigments which works on the basis of reflection. In the current scenario carbon & fine dust settling is very high, which when settles over the coated surface spoils the reflective of the coating.

Thus the coating fails & desired performance is not achieved. To prevent this failure, It contains high performance Nano-insulating material to efficiently protect heat from entering inside.

It contains high end Nano UV protectors which protects the coating from aging & degrading within few years.

It contains addition enhancers which provides excellent addition property across variety of surfaces.

It is time tested, field proven & highest supplied Heat Reflective Coating in across the Nation including Karachi.

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