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Leading Roof Heat and Waterproofing Solutions

Established in 2011, Zem Chemicals has been dedicated to serving over 1100 clients, showcasing expertise in Roof Waterproofing, Roof Heat Proofing, Water Tank Leakage Repair, and various other essential waterproofing areas. This includes specialized services for G.I Sheets Waterproofing, Asbestos Sheets Waterproofing, Basement Leakage Repair, Bathroom Leakage Repair, and foundation waterproofing.

Commitment to Quality and Global Standards

Our commitment to quality aligns with the best practices of global standards for Roof Leakage Waterproofing and Tank Waterproofing. With a proven track record, we excel in providing superior services both before and after sales. Notably, we have been trusted by some of Pakistan’s top brands, organizations, and institutions, including Fintex Manufacturing (pvt) Ltd, Jubilee Insurance, Nomi Ansari, Roomi Enterprises, Akbar Group of Companies, and Frontier Corps South Baluchistan, among others.

Innovative Waterproofing Solutions for Lasting Impact

Explore our innovative solutions, including a one-component Roof Heat Proofing and Waterproof Coating, and a robust 7-coat system for the most durable Roof Waterproofing with reinforcement of Cotton unbleached fabric. Zem Chemicals takes pride in being the first in Pakistan to introduce waterproofing treatments in colors, exemplified by our Golden Waterproofing. Emphasizing the correct application with the right products is a cornerstone of our approach.

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roof heat-proofing services in karachi pakistan

Lower Sunny Weather Temperatures by 6-8 Degrees

roof leakage seepage waterproofing repair services in karachi pakistan

Waterproofing Treatment with 99% Water Repellency

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water tank leakage seepage repair services in karachi pakistan by zem chemicals

Leak Repair for Water Tanks Without Dismantling

foundation bitumen waterproofing treatment services in karachi pakistan

Secure your house from Wall Dampness and Seepage

bathroom leakage seepage treatment services in karachi

Repair Bathroom Leaks without Dismantling

asbestos ac sheets roof leakage waterproofing treatment in karachi pakistan by zem chemicals

Waterproofing and Heatproofing for All Types of Corrugated A.C. Sheets

galvanized iron gi sheets roof leakage waterproofing services in karachi pakistan by zem chemicals

Comprehensive Waterproofing and Rustproofing Treatment for G.I. Sheets

basement leakage seepage repair waterproofing services in karachi pakistan by zem chemicals

Prevent Water Infiltration from Basement Floors and Walls

zem 30 heat shield roof cooling paint chemical

Guaranteed Result oriented chemicals with brief application instruction.

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