Key Benefits for Roof Heat Proofing | Reflective Coating

    Due to Global Warming, temperature is keep going up in Pakistan as we had faced heat strokes every year from 2015 which is alarming situation for us and we should think about the permanent solution to avoid it. Here are some of the reasons and benefits of Roof heat proofing we would like to share with you.

    1. Green Environment

    Green Environment - Key Benefits for Roof Heat Reflective Coating


    Green environment is a key sign of trees and garden which could maintain the humidity and unfortunately in our country we didn’t noticed any single time while cutting the forests and transform a human livings.

    According to the research of Department of Energy (Washington, United States) and NASA as well, we can save the energy and make our structure’s safe by Solar reflective Coatings. There is a very simple logic is that every exterior surface has colored in White is a heat reflective and environment friendly.

    This Roof Coating systems contain Zero VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) which could dramatically change the atmosphere and environment friendly by cutting down the usage of cooling appliances.

    2. Saving Energy

    Save Energy - Key Benefits for Roof Heat Reflective Coating


    In Pakistan, we are also having a huge crisis of energy as we are wasting a lot energy by using air conditioners to make our home/office cool but the result is not appreciable. Roof Heat proofing can save 35% of energy cooling usage and cost just because of heat reflective coating on top roof which could maintain the quite good temperature in day and night also.

    3. Cost Effective and Protective Roof Heat Proofing Done at DHA Phase 1

    The maintenance of roof heat proofing is very simple, just clean the roof once a week and recharge the coating by single coat every 3rd year which is quite cheap if we compare to energy consumption on cooling also your concrete structure by Roof Cooling Coating which is protecting sun’s damaging UV rays away from the roof surface and further cracks by heat.

    4. Productive and Comfort

    Comfortable and Productive - Key Benefits for Roof Heat Reflective Coating


    Inside the building of Heat Proof Coating, it maintains the temperature lower and fluctuate less which resulting in great comfort for families, office employees, tenants and whoever inside. This Roof Heat Proof Coating can be applied on any house, office buildings, factory, departments and any exterior surface.

    We are based in Karachi and offering Roof Heat proofing services to all over Pakistan with 100% 6-8 degree temperature deduction and did Alhamdulillah 1000’s of Roofs from last 11 years for big names of Pakistan like Nomi Ansari, Akbar Group of Companies, Frontier Corps, South Balochistan, Roomi Enterprises, Pakistan Rice Complex and much more.

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